Thursday, March 10, 2011

House Sitting and Pet Sitting in Bucks County

Author: Elyse Coleman

Who will take care of the Dog and my plants?

What would you do if you returned home from your winter home in Florida to find your home here in Bucks County or Mercer County NJ had been damage by fire, your most valued possessions had been stolen, damaged by whether or any of the many disasters that could happen while your home is completely left unattended?

What if you could have the peace of mind knowing that Fido the dog and his trusted side kick Snowball the cat were safe and sound sleeping in the living room at home while you are relaxing on the beach at your luxury resort?

Thankfully, there is a solution to protecting your property. You will find a number of home sitting services available that provide and number of household chores, domestic services help for your home and yes…house sitting services in Bucks County while you are away for a long weekend or an entire winter.

Have your vacation without a glitch of worries of what will happen to your house or possessions. Available nowadays are the so-called House-Sitters and Pet-Sitters that will look after your possessions including your adorable pets with warmth and dedication.

House sitting is where responsible professionals are willing to care with all the details required to manage your home while you are away on vacation. Some of the responsibilities may include from the simple watering of household plants and gardens, arranging for a dog walker, collecting and forwarding important communications and overseeing contractors work while caring for your valued possessions. Perhaps there are a number of weekly activities that just must continue even while you are away? Home organization help services will also include errand assistance for Newtown PA residents like receiving UPS deliveries, sending weekly packages and overseeing a rental property.

Don't let the worries of maintaining your home here in Pennsylvania prevent you from enjoying the fruits of your labours. Let a responsible house sitting services take care of all the important details here while you travel across the world or just enjoying your winter home in Florida.

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About the Author

Elyse Coleman is an organizing professional, helping people manage both their lives and lifestyle. Combining her natural bent for organization and simplicity with her extensive and diverse work background, she uses her organization skills to bring order and harmony to lives of her clients in the Princeton, NJ and Lower Bucks County, PA areas. Elyse very talented as a Home Organization helper in Mercer County. She is a member of International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association and Lower Bucks Community Chamber of Commerce. Her senior concierge services in Bucks County are recognized as an invaluable service by her clients, often the adult children of aging parents.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prepare Your Pet For Your Baby

Author: Maria Cummings

A baby is going to cause changes in the household routine and lifestyle. Your pet will get used to the changes much easier if a lot of them happen before the new baby arrives home. Cats, dogs, and babies are beings of routine. They are all sensitive to routine and change tends to upset them. If the changes gradually happen before baby comes home then your pet probably will not resent the baby since baby will not be associated with the change in your pet's view of the world.

During the weeks before you are due to have your baby, gradually lessen the amount of time that you spend with your pet. If you think the time of day that you walk, feed, and play with or exercise your animal will change, modify those routines now giving your pet time to adjust. Have you trained your dog to commands like sit, stay, no, and heel? Does he obey you? Does he have any aggressive tendencies? You may need a dog trainer's help before baby arrives to help make sure your dog knows you are in charge.

If you have a cat, make sure the claws are routinely trimmed. Trim your dog's claws too. Get another family member used to cleaning the cat box. Have whoever changes it wear rubber gloves and wash their hands thoroughly afterward. Follow these precautions if you end up cleaning the litter box. Animals are easily startled by the spontaneous actions and noises of children. If your pets haven't been around children much, have your nieces and nephews over a few times or invite your friends kids over to play some games and have lunch. Don't let them mistreat your pet, but let them be in the house so your pet gets used to the noise of children.

You'll be preparing for the new baby by buying various baby items and setting up the baby bed. Let your pet smell these items. This can help your animal get used to these items being around. Never allow your pets to lie on your baby's belongings or get into the baby bed. If necessary keep the door closed to the baby's room.

Buy a container that seals to put the dirty diapers in so your animals won't get into the container. Unfortunately, they will be attracted to the odor. Your cat or dog needs a place of his or her own also. If you haven't made that space in your house yet, do it now before baby gets home. Teach your pet this is his special spot by putting one of his toys there and giving him bedding. He may need to get away from the baby and other children sometimes and this should be off limits to children.

To get your pet familiar with baby noises you can play a CD of a baby crying starting a few months before you have your baby. You can rock in the rocking chair and turn on the mechanical swing routinely ahead of time too. These small preparations can make the changes positive and less stressful for your pet. And you can also give him a treat or play with him as a reward for his ability to adapt to his new family member.

About the Author:
Maria Cummings is a devoted parent, wife and expert author on family matters and parenting. She is devoted to helping children's organizations and activities. Maria is the Sales Manager for which offers a variety of baby products to help make parenting easier, from Baby Sherpa Backpacks to Snug As a Bug slings

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Adventures In Pet Sitting: A Collection Of True Pet Stories

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sulfodene First Aid Skin Medication for Dogs, 4 oz.

Benefits of Purchasing Pet Meds Online

Author: Arianna Jordan

Pet owners agree that caring for their pets is often a joyous and enriching experience. Being able to care for an animal and experience the type of love that only pets can give creates a strong bond between owner and pet, so when a pet is sick or injured the owner may do whatever they can to take care of their pet. This generally requires a trip to the vet and, in many cases; it also requires that the pet be given prescription medications for a period of time following the initial visit. Most pet owners do not think twice about the prescriptions, paying whatever the cost is because they believe that there is no viable alternative source for the medicines that their pet needs.

Alternatives to buying pet meds directly from your veterinarian do exist, however. There are a number of websites, which allow you to buy the medications that your pet needs and have them shipped right to your door. The medicines that you order are the same ones that you would get from your vet, and are provided with the full knowledge and authorization of your veterinarian. You may find that there are a number of advantages to using online pet pharmacies, with the biggest benefits being the following:

Reduced Cost

While your veterinarian may be very good at what they do and offer reasonable prices whenever possible, many costs are associated with running a successful veterinary clinic. Online pet pharmacies do not have the same overhead as your vet’s clinic, and because the cost of running one of these pharmacies is lower, they are often able to pass the savings on to pet owners. Some medications may be significantly cheaper than what your veterinarian could offer, while providing the same quality that you would receive if you bought the medicines from the vet.


When using an online pet pharmacy you can order your pet’s medications at any time of the day or night. You do not have to worry about making time in your day to take a trip to the vet, since you can place and update orders online when it is convenient for you. The pet meds are shipped to you as quickly as possible, often arriving within two or three days after the order has been placed. In many cases, basic shipping of your pet meds is even free.

Wide Selection

Whether you are looking for Zeniquin tablets for your dog, Fluoxetine for your cat or countless other pet medications, you should be able to find them when shopping at an online pet pharmacy. Most pet pharmacies operating online pride themselves in having a wide range of medications available for pet owners, as well as a number of over-the-counter pet medications such as flea treatments. You can even find pet accessories such as nail clippers and oral hygiene chews that you can easily add to your order.

Automatic Renewals

If your pet needs to be on a long-term medication then the convenience of buying pet meds online is even greater. In addition to being able to order online and have the medications shipped directly to your house, most online pet pharmacies let you automatically renew pet meds that have multiple refills. This means that the pharmacy can automatically charge your credit or debit card that you have on file and ship the medication to you without you having to do anything; they may even make sure that your new meds arrive before your previous order runs out so that you do not have any lapse in treatment. If you are not sure whether automatic renewals are right for you or need to make changes to your order, the automatic billing can be turned off at any time.

Top Quality Service

Just because you are ordering pet meds online does not mean that you are going to have to put up with lackluster service or inferior products. The customer service staff employed by online pet pharmacies is there to help you with any problems that you may have, allowing you to get the answers that you need by phone or email. Your medications are packed securely to prevent damage during transit, ensuring that you do not end up with broken bottles or other shipping problems. The online pharmacy that you choose should try to get your order processed and on its way to you, as quickly as possible so that your pets can get the medicine that they need. However, this may also take extra time to make sure that your order is correct before it is shipped. Online tracking helps you to see where your package is and it lets you know when to expect delivery to be made.

About the Author:

Arianna Jordan is a freelance writer who often writes about topics pertaining to the care of pets and health options for pets such as pet meds.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What You Must Know Before You Bring Your Baby Iguana Home

Coming home with a baby iguana is usually an impulse buy. People see them in one setting or another and end up running out and getting one without realizing how much work they actually are. Don't make that mistake, read a little more and then decide if you are ready to be an iguana owner.

Choosing your baby iguana is one of the most important decisions you will make when getting your pet. You really need to be careful. Never blindly take one from a shop or private owner. You want to make sure that it is living in a clean environment (if the tank is dirty and the iguana is lying around in its own feces, it very well may be susceptible to very harmful bacteria). You are also going to want your iguana to be alert but not overly aggressive, it should watch your hand going into the tank to get it, but it should not be going nuts or flipping out. Also make sure the skin in healthy, that it is not skin and bones and the eyes are clear.

Now you are going to have to create a natural habitat for this iguana. You will do so by replicating to the best of your ability, the tropical environment in which they usually exist. First things first though, you need to get a large tank, in the 50 gallon range. This is a good start, but eventually, you will have to move the iguana to a dedicated room or very large cage as they get quite large.

You must now create natural surroundings in their holding area. Appropriately sized branches and a good heat source will do the trick. The iguana needs to be able to move around on the branches easily so don't get them too big when they are a baby. Let them get larger as the animal grows. You will also need to keep the tank around 85 degrees during the day and not let it get lower than around 72 at night.

An iguana will feed off of natural sunlight. It naturally supplies them with nutrients that they need. Do not believe anyone that tells you they can give you a light source that will duplicate this because it is a flat out lie. You do need to light the cage but the iguana will get its sunlight from the sun. Either locate the tank within a natural source or make sure you give the iguana access to an area where the sunlight will hit it.

The cage or tank is also going to have to be kept moist. An iguana does not really drink, they will use their water bowl or pool for soaking. If you notice that they are consuming large amounts of water, it means that you do not have enough moisture in the air (an iguana will actually absorb their water intake through their skin via the air). Invest in a good thermometer/humidity gauge that will allow you to keep track of this.
Essential Iguana

The fun is only just beginning. Once you get this little monster home you are going to have to worry about their health, proper feeding, trimming their claws and of course taming your wild baby iguana. The information needed to properly do this thing cannot be relayed in a paragraph so go grab a good book and make sure you are educated before taking on this responsibility.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ferrets-They Become A Passion

Would you like to know more about ferrets but just do not know where to begin or look? There are millions of other ferret owners who are overwhelmed by the large volumes of information available to them, about this charming and often comical furry creature.

You may be trying to get a pet ferret, or living with someone who already has a ferret. You may all so simply be interested in the behaviour of these musk-producing mammals, here are a few basic things that you can consider first, before you get started with keeping a ferret and it becomes a passion.

Ferrets like skunk’s are also able to produce musk. Some countries allow you to remove the glands responsible for their musk production, this obviously will stop them smelling so much. But in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia you will find that this is not really necessary.

There fur is shiny and smooth to touch because of the natural oils produced by them. Regular bathing will remove some of these oils, which is not a good thing for your pets health. They also grow long nails, so a regular nail-cutting session will be in order for ferret owners.

There are many different colors and breeds available for pet owners. Breeding them is quite easy, especially when the ferret is mated with a pole cat, this was often done in ancient times. The younger the ferret is, the more difficult it is to look after. But then if you are able to obtain one that is still a kit, you will have the advantage of training it from a very young age.

As they grow older, they will need the company of other ferrets. Older ferrets will often will display domination or superiority to the younger ferrets. They also have the tendency to develop very close almost family like cliques and may not be as open to accept new ferrets in their circle easily. .

Regulations vary from country to country, so when you are caring for your ferret, always make sure that you are properly acquainted with the regulations of the country you live in. You will find that some countries do not allow ferrets to be domesticated and become house pets, while other countries have no restrictions on keeping them as pets.

By nature, ferrets are adventurous and curious creatures. you will need to interact with your pet at least once a day, this will help satisfy there curiosity and for them to be happy under your care. They also like to dance in a strange manner when excited and this may often look like they are ready to attack, but in reality, they are just expressing their enjoyment.

Since ferrets are extremely adventurous creatures, you will have to keep an eye on them frequently. They have the tendency to swallow objects that can be poisonous or damaging to their digestive system. On top of that if they are not constantly supervised, they may be prey to some other animals like snakes and hawks on there daily roam about,
Ferret Harness and Lead Set, Teal

Ferrets became popular as pets in America only in the 1980’s. Ferrets have been used for hunting for many years, mainly rabbits and rats, this is because they are well capable of entering rabbit warrens and tiny spaces. Their natural curiosity and lack of fear, makes them really effective aids to hunters. Even the Romans found many uses for them.

Ferret Care Is It Difficult?

Ferrets are available to buy at your local pet shop or stock breeder, also you may be able to get one at a animal shelter. Because they live a long life just like a cat or dog, it is important that you know how to care for them and keep them healthy, happy pets.

Angora Ferrets are nocturnal animals that like to sleep during the day. When they wake up, it is advisable to let them out so that they can play and exercise. When you do let your pet out, it is better to make for sure all electric cords are secure, any small items are put away and all small spaces are blocked so they can not squeeze in to them. Doing this will stop your ferret from getting lost or inuring themselves.

These mammals live on strict diet and you should be well aware that they are carnivores. This means they can only be fed meat or poultry products as they require a lot of protein. There are black-footed ferret food products in the market so you best stock up to avoid the mistake of settling with cat food instead.

Aside from food, ferrets need water. You can do this by putting this in a bowl or a bottle. It is best to put this in a feeding bottle so the contents do not spill.

Your ferret must never be left unattended while in your home. If you do have to go out then use a cage, that is what they are there for. The perfect cage size is one that measures 18” x 18” x 30” or a little larger. The main thing here is for you to make for certain that it is big enough for them to move around in.

Ferrets are curious creatures and love toys, purchasing some is useful if you have to come home late from work so they will have something to do until you return. The playthings you purchase will have to be robust, as they will require to be able to withstand their sharp teeth. Again these are readily available to you on the net.

The only way to keep your ferret and home clean at the same time is to toilet train it so that waste is on the litter box and not on the carpet. You can do this by putting some waste within the box and carrying them when you see that they are about to do it.

If this is done correctly, they should be rewarded with a light snack. This trick can as well be done to teach them how to do some neat tricks to amuse guests that drop by and pay a visit.

The pet ferret should also be brought to the veterinary. States that allow you to have one want owners to give them a vaccination once a year and keep the receipts for correct documentation.
Simple Sleeper Ferret Hammock, Simple Sleeper Ferret Hammock

Some would say that the advisable time to purchase a ferret is when it is very young because they are easier to train compared to those that are much older. But irrespective of age, how things will go will be entirely up to you.

Ferret care is not difficult, all it needs is a spot of common sense and you will be able to handle it ok. You are for sure to enjoy the company of your furry friend for many years to come and might even decide to add another one so your pet has company.

If you would like to know more Free information about Ferret Care Or Marshall Ferrets Then Be Sure To Visit Ferret Help.

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Making Sure That You Have Appropriate Cover For Your Pet

If you are in possession of a pet, or are considering getting one, then one thing of particular importance is the procurement of insurance. if you are getting a specific breed of animal from a breeder then it is possible to get insurance prior to actually picking the animal up. If you are just going to some rescue home though then it is unlikely that you will know all the bumph on the creature so you will have to get it insured posteriorly. Insurance for pets is for emergencies and therefore anything routine or elective has to be paid for out of your own pocket.

Therefore you need to pay a certain amount for the care of your pet yourself but as long as you are not having to have it put down because you cannot afford a veterinarian bill then you are covering the cost of your guilt. These days they use medical techniques that are used on humans so the cost of a pet procedure can run into the thousands quite literally.

Pet insurance falls into three categories. One type places a restriction on the amount that can be claimed for a specific condition. Another limits the amount that can be paid out in relation to your pet in any one year. Another type which costs the least is a policy which only lasts a year and limits the amount that is paid out. All policies pay out in the result of your animal dying, and all are privy to excess charges.

It is very difficult to be able to say how much a pet insurance policy costs on average. There are so many different pets and it is not going to cost the same to insure a hamster as it is to insure a giraffe. Obviously the age of the pet that you want to insure is going to come into play, as well as the level of coverage that you want for your pet.

There are certain things that will reduce the cost of a pet insurance policy. If you have an identity chip on your animal then this will generally reduce the cost of insurance. Having more than one animal insured with the same company will also benefit the cost of your policy. Finally you will be able to get yourself a good deal if you use the InterNet because you can get a plenitude of quotes from a comparison site and thus be able to see which company is going to charge you the least.